Montana BMW Riders - Riding for sheer pleasure,
                                                                         and possibly a little competition.        

First Saturday Breakfast!
    October 6 at 0900
    Missoula - River City Grill in Bonner
    Helena -     Staggering Ox, Lundy Center

We're hoping to have these occur in other MT areas too, such as Billings, Bozeman and Kalispell.  If you'd like to help organizer in your area please contact Chuck Reaves at or 406/240-1771

Did you know that as a member of this fine club, Big Sky BMW/Kawasaki/KTM will give you 10% off most purchases?  Just ask. 

Do you Ride for pie? 
Need to adjust your clutch slack?  Motorcyclist article
Which GS do you prefer?  Motorcyclist article
Have you ever tried Straight Legging to jump start your ride?  Not for the faint of heart.

After changing the oil on my GS I hop on for a 1 block ride before checking the oil level.  No helmet, no gloves.  And it just feels wrong. Because I'm a 'All The Gear All The Time' rider.  Are you an ATGATT? Think maybe you should be?  Read this article for inspiration.
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