Montana BMW Riders - Riding for sheer pleasure,
                                                                         and possibly a little competition.        

We all want to be better riders.  Now you can advance your skills and the Club will offset some of your tuition.  That's right, free funds just for being a member.  Click HERE for details.

Not sure where to ride this season?  We've solved that for you.  Introducing the
2019 Place to Place competition!  Just bag a location, then the next, and you could be this year's winner.  See details to the left.

Your club's 2019 Monthly Ride Schedule has been published.  Grab a pen and begin circling dates!

Please take a look at our new advertiser, Promach Dual Tool.  A pretty handy device for your tool set.
Did you know that as a member of this fine club, Big Sky BMW/Kawasaki/KTM will give you 10% off most purchases?  Just ask. 

Do you Ride for pie? 
Need to adjust your clutch slack?  Motorcyclist article
Which GS do you prefer?  Motorcyclist article
Have you ever tried Straight Legging to jump start your ride?  Not for the faint of heart.
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