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Representative Jean Price (D-Great Falls) introduced HB 503 in the MT legislature on February 17 which would make mandatory the use of helmets by riders on public roadways.  On February 20 the bill had a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee.  
Update:  On 02/21/17 the bill was Tabled in Committee.  i.e. consideration of the bill is suspended indefinitely.
State Sen. Russel Tempel (R-Chester) has introduced a bill (SB 134) in the Montana legislature that would authorize lane-splitting practices in the state.  A hearing on the bill comes before the Senate Highways and Transportation Committee 01/26/17.  Stay tuned.
Update:  On 01/31/17 SB 134 was Tabled in Committee.  i.e. It's likely dead.

Tech Sessions were held @ Big Sky BMW
Saturday 1/28, 10AM - Gayle discussed helmet types, fitting etc.
Saturday 2/04, 10AM - Mechanic Andy presented on a plethora of motorcycle topics and stuff riders should know.
After changing the oil on my GS I hop on for a 1 block ride before checking the oil level.  No helmet, no gloves.  And it just feels wrong. Because I'm a 'All The Gear All The Time' rider.  Are you an ATGATT? Think maybe you should be?  Read this article for inspiration.

 as of 5/1/17

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