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2020 Covid-19 Virus

Fellow Riders,

With the COVID-19 virus now in Montana, no doubt you are deciding which measures you’ll take in response to this pandemic. Perhaps you’ll do nothing different at all, or perhaps you’ll brawl with your neighbors over toilet paper and soap at Walmart.


As your club officers, we are concerned for the health and safety of our members.  It’s no secret that many members fall squarely in the population most vulnerable to this virus. And given that we live all around Montana, our meetings are just the type of group activity that can facilitate the spread this virus around the state.  For now, these are our plans and recommendations:


1. We will proceed with our scheduled March meeting – tomorrow (Sunday) at 1pm at Lambkins in Lincoln.  We tentatively plan to proceed with the April 19 meeting in Townsend as scheduled.


2. As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, we will constantly assess scheduled meetings and events and determine whether they should be canceled.


3. If you elect to attend a meeting, please be conscious of hygiene.  Good hygiene practices alone may not protect you in close quarters with other people, but it will certainly reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the virus.


4. At our meetings and events, consider: spacing out a little more than normal, skipping the hearty handshake, etc.  None of us will take it personally!


5. If you are feeling less than 100% healthy, you are strongly encouraged to remain at home.


6. We value the restaurants that host us.  We will notify them that our original estimate of meeting attendance may trend downward, allowing them to make necessary adjustments to staffing and food service.  If we must cancel, we will try to do so with plenty of advance notice.


7. That restaurants may cancel on us is another possibility.  Should any restaurant cancel on us, we will put that word out to all members and post it on the website as soon as possible.


8. We will compile and reissue the club member roster booklet soon.  Let’s use it to remain in touch by phone, email and text during those times that we cannot gather together.


One last note: As motorcyclists we can take pride in being the original Master of Social Distancing.  Our hobby is the perfect social activity for the coronavirus world, and it becomes a (virus) health risk only when we get off the bikes and interact with each other.  So, let’s ride together as much as possible, and be as careful as possible when we do park the bikes.


Take care of yourselves and let’s take care of each other.


Chris Keyes, Mark Johnson, & Dave McCormack

Montana BMW Riders

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